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Sound Recording Services

Fat Penguin Sound maintains a fully networked Dante recording system for on-location recording. This allows us to place different components of the recording system in different locations, and minimise analog cable runs and limit distortion in the audio signal. Our experience and expertise in location recording allows us to get the best out of your concert hall or recording location. We understand that many times a traditional studio is not the best location to record in; we can work with you and your current concert or rehearsal space to get an excellent recording, or we can help you find and secure the best spaces for recording get the most out of them.

With hundreds of hours of experience in recording (and performing in) everything from rock bands, to jazz bands, to full symphony orchestras; we understand the needs and nuances of the music, and know how to best capture the sound with the utmost in transparency and quality.

We are available to do live concert recordings, for archival, broadcast, or to be edited as part of a CD. We can also help make audition/pre-screening recordings for individuals or help your ensemble put together demo recordings to put online or to send to festivals and competitions.