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Mixing and Mastering

We can provide full mixing, editing, and mastering services for musicians! We use a combination of the industry-standard Pro Tools software as well as Magix Sequoia to give the best array of options throughout the entire production and post-production process. If you have special needs or requirements, or particular equipment you would like us to use: out mastery of both analog and digital systems allow us to be extremely flexible in our workflow and process.


The mixing process is half-composition, half-performance on the part of the engineer. It can also vary wildly depending on the genre of music being mixed, the way the music was recorded, and the desires of the producer/artist. As specialists in classical music, this process is -- for most of our clients -- intended to be invisible and to let the music speak without any obvious adjustment or alteration. For our clients who want a more aggressive touch, this translates into an effortless command of the process and a refined ability to hear and adjust the smallest details.


In addition to mixing, we can also provide sound editing services. This can involve cutting and splicing takes together to form seamless wholes (down to individual notes and phonemes if need be), or removing unwanted audio from otherwise good takes. With our care and attention to detail, we can remove excess sounds and unwanted noises from a recorded take with little-to-no distortion or alteration of the wanted material. This can be chair noises or tapping (we had a superb take where the conductor was snapping on the beat for the first few measures, and decided that the artistic value of the take was worth the effort of removing the snaps), or just the usual lighting buzz, HVAC noise, and ambient traffic sounds that inhabit our noisy world. We can also help clean up audio that was recorded onto older (and noisier) analog media.

Using the right precision technology and techniques, low-quality recordings -- whether done on less-than-ideal equipment (internal mics on a camera, or done with cheap consumer gear), recorded into a lossy format (such as mp3), or recorded in inferior spaces (bad acoustics, or just noisy) -- can be given new life and made usable. While detail that is not originally recorded cannot be added -- we can bring out the detail that is already there while pushing back the offensive parts of the recording. Everything from interviews recorded in boomy rooms with internal camera mics, to situations where "the only recording of the premier of this piece is an mp3 that was recorded on a Zune from the back of the concert hall" can benefit from the attention of a skilled engineer.


The mastering process has long been misunderstood by most beginning producers and engineers. While the mixing process can be very artistic and creative, mastering is a much more rigorous and technical process. In the commercial music world, the popular perception of mastering is that it is simply "making things louder"; however the real purpose of mastering is twofold:

1. To ensure that the recorded music makes sense a whole. This is usually done for an entire album, to make sure that the levels between sections of a piece or between pieces on the same album do not vary unnaturally; and also as a last check on the overall sound from start to finish for balance and blend -- as well as a technical tech to make sure there were no unnoticed errors in the mixing process.

2. To verify that the final master recordings are delivered according to the duplication and broadcast specifications. For music (or any recorded sound) to be distributed, it needs to be in a known and standard format; and a qualified mastering engineer knows how to adjust and verify that the recordings will not only meet the verified formats, but also translate well to them. A radio mix for FM (or especially AM) radio needs a slightly different consideration than a mix to by synced to film. Vinyl and CD each have their own peculiarities that need to be accounted during the mastering process.

We have the technical expertise and experience to help master your recordings to be delivered to all the major formats, and the sensitivity and skill to make them sound properly finished.