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Digital Music

Blending our technical expertise with our knowledge and experience in musical performance across a multitude of genres, we can provide you with quality digital performances and mock-ups of your compositions. Basing our system around the EastWest Quantum Leap and Hollywood series instruments, supplemented by virtual instruments from a variety of other makes (Eduardo Tarlionte, Westgate, Sample Modeling, etc.), and combined with attentive mixing and music post-production practices -- we bring out the best performances of your music, at a time/expense point far lower than hiring live musicians. We can also help you blend digital and live musicians to help round out and add depth to you music. Lastly, we can even help you cover missing instruments in a live performance -- supplying the sounds of hard-to-find instruments.

Instruments in our collection, include:
  • Orchestral strings, winds, and brass
  • Middle eastern instruments
  • Far eastern instruments
  • Historical winds, strings, and percussion
  • Pianos
  • Rock/metal guitars and drums
  • Acoustic/folk/Irish instruments
  • Full choir