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Broadcast and Film

We bring proven experience in all aspects in production and post-production sound. Our work has been on everything from live web-streams to cable television and our multi-media audio work has ranged from interviews to concert broadcasts to ESPN sports. We can provide a wide range of services for film and broadcast groups including production mixing, post-production editing, rerecording and mixing, and soundtrack recording/mixing services. We can also assist production and broadcast groups in developing and designing the audio components and audio-visual integration parts of their system.

Production Sound
  • Location recording
  • Production mixing
  • Audio for sports
  • Live-to-tape/Live broadcast

Post-Production Audio
  • Sound editing
  • Sound design
  • Soundtrack Production
    • Orchestration
    • Music Copying
    • Digital music performances
    • Recording
    • Editing/Mixing
  • Rerecording/Premixing
  • Noise reduction/removal

Systems Engineering
  • Networked audio solutions
  • Live broadcast audio systems
  • Comms/program integration
  • Talent on-air systems
  • Best practices development
  • Audio-Visual system design and development
    • Tricaster
    • Blackmagic Design
    • Digital and Analog audio systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Redundancy
  • Signal processing and routing (audio and video)
  • Training and Documentation development