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Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark
With a background in both performance and technology, Emmy award winning audio engineer Jeffrey Clark has a unique understanding of the possibilities, uses, and limitations of music technology. This enables him to blend cutting-edge methods and technologies with real-world practicalities to bring performances to life -- either live in the concert hall, or through recording and editing. As a champion of new music, Mr. Clark has performed, conducted, and recorded the premiers of new works, as well as helped bring the works of living composers to new audiences. His technical expertise has also been instrumental in enabling the performances of many new acousmatic, electro-acoustic, and audio-visual compositions.

As a technologist, Jeffrey has studied and worked in all aspects of audio -- both creative and technical. His work covers everything from recording to mastering for music, post-production and editing for film, signal processing and DSP system design, interactive media design, and broadcast engineering. His experience encompasses work with such as recording and mastering engineer with EMA studios in New York, broadcast engineer with the Georgia Southern Multimedia Development Center, audio engineer for ESPN3, and technical coordinator for the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States. His academic experience and research has covered topics such as 3d audio, DSP programming and design, and medical applications of music technology.

Jeffrey holds a BA in music composition from Texas Wesleyan University, a MM in instrumental conducting from Houghton College. He has done studies in historical musicology at the University of North Texas, and in historical performance at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Jeffrey is currently finishing a second MM in Music Technology at Georgia Southern University, where he is a graduate teaching assistant -- teaching digital music/MIDI and music technology classes.

His full bio and information can be found on LinkedIn.